7 Types Of Posts That Can Kill Your Social Media Presence

Social Media Presence

Did you know that you can become almost invisible in social media even if you are posting regularly? It’s true! Social Media sites like Facebook want to see people engaging with your posts. If they don’t, your posts can stop showing up in your audiences’ feed. Many people post regularly, sometimes multiple times a day,…

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How To Know If Your Social Media Agency Is Taking You For A Ride

Social Media Expert 1

Have you ever realized that all the offers you receive to improve your visibility on search engines includes large amounts of activity on social media sites? When you look deeper into the offering you will be easily confused by all the figures, graphs and concepts which these ‘experts’ are rambling on about, but it is…

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Tap Into The Secret Strategy Behind Social Media Millionaires

Ever wonder how people pop out of nowhere and grow multimillion dollar companies overnight? I recently came across a series of articles in Forbes magazine that reveals their secret strategy. As a real estate agent or broker, you can implement the same strategy and quickly become a dominant player within your local market. At first it…

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