Real Estate Website That Gives You Up To 3 Times As Many Leads

Video walk through of a Real Estate website that is designed to deliver 3 times as many leads. This website is no longer being offered but this video explains why it works so well, so you can evaluate your own website. This link will show you how your site looks on different types of devices

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5 Steps To Transform A Homeowner From A Stranger To A Client For Life

Client For Life

Many people think of real estate marketing as advertising and client acquisition as a 3 step process (advertise, get leads, get deals). That can work, but there is a better way that can save you time, money and frustration. There is a lot to marketing, and in this post we will focus on the part…

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Are Real Estate Agents Seen As Sales People Or Professionals?

Real Estate Agents

When I say the word “salesman”, what comes to mind? Now think about the word “professional”. What comes to mind? For most people those are 2 very different pictures. Typically, people try to avoid salespeople, yet they seek out professionals. Many times it is just a matter of perception. Those who are perceived as sales…

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