Are Real Estate Agents Seen As Sales People Or Professionals?

Real Estate Agents

When I say the word “salesman”, what comes to mind? Now think about the word “professional”. What comes to mind? For most people those are 2 very different pictures. Typically, people try to avoid salespeople, yet they seek out professionals. Many times it is just a matter of perception. Those who are perceived as sales…

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Want A Competitive Advantage In Listing Presentations?

Listing Presentations

Let me ask you a question. If you walk into a listing presentation and say you are in regular communication with over 100 potential buyers who may be interested in buying the home, do you think that may give you an advantage over competing real estate agents? In my last post I spoke about building…

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How To Get 20 Referrals Per Year


Referrals! Everyone loves them. Why? Well, because it is a great way to get new clients. Plus when you consider that nearly 40% of buyers and sellers found their agent through referrals and nearly two thirds only interview one agent*, it’s obvious that referrals are pure gold. The real question is, how can you get…

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