How To Simplify Google Analytics

Simplify Google Analytics

Tracking your marketing is essential if you want to understand what is working and what is not. The challenge is, making sense of analytics can be like trying to decipher secret code!

To make things easier, there are 5 free tools you can use that make understanding Google Analytics a walk in the park.

If you don’t already have Google Analytics installed on your site, then you need to do that before you can start looking at the tools listed below.


Google Analytics tracks the journey that your visitor takes while browsing through your site, but the way the system displays the information may leave you somewhat confused.

You are not alone! Unless you have been specifically trained in deciphering the stats, it can be mind boggling.

In a moment I am going to share 5 tools that simplify the stats that have left you feeling hopeless, but before I do that…

It is important to note that these 5 tools are not suitable for everyone. The best advice I can give is to try all 5 tools out and then ditch the ones that you don’t like and keep the rest.

Ok … so now I am going to give you the 5 tools, with the details of what they do and why they are useful.


What it doesPadiTrack connects to your Google Analytics account and then simply displays the information from Google Analytics in a simpler format.

How is it useful – You can easily see where there are problem areas in your conversion process and spot options which are not working. You can sort the data into specific segments so that you can see which advertising sources are working well. You can even see how well specific keywords are working.

Quill Engage

What it doesQuill Engage takes the data from your Google Analytics account and puts it into a report which is then emailed to you either weekly or monthly.

How is it useful – You can easily understand the information that is presented. You don’t have to remember to login somewhere to pull your stats. It tells you a story about the data, giving you inspiration on where to implement changes to improve your stats.


What it doesPanguin plots your data from google analytics and then gives you a report which tells you whether or not the latest search algorithm update that google has released has caused a negative or positive impact on your site.

How is it useful – With Panguin you can easily see whether your site traffic has been affected by google updates and rectify the problem. If you are being penalized by google you will be able to see this and make the necessary changes.


What it doesN2K gives you an overview of the information on your google analytics account, but it also highlights your most effective keywords and resources.

How is it useful – It is easy to check how well your efforts are doing according to country, traffic source, landing page and many other filters. You can easily see exactly what is working and what is not with the detailed report.

G Analytics for Android and GAget for Mac OS X

What it doesG Analytics & GAget gives you access to Google Analytics from your mobile device.

How is it useful – It is easier to understand than Google Analytics on the computer. It gives you access to your stats anytime and anywhere.

At last, understanding all those graphs and numbers will be as easy as finding the tools that work the best for you. Try one, try them all, but I am sure that at least one of the tools will help you.


(Image used under Creative Commons from Blue Fountain Media)

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