Tap Into The Secret Strategy Behind Social Media Millionaires

Ever wonder how people pop out of nowhere and grow multimillion dollar companies overnight? I recently came across a series of articles in Forbes magazine that reveals their secret strategy.

As a real estate agent or broker, you can implement the same strategy and quickly become a dominant player within your local market. At first it may seem totally counter-intuitive, but when you see the results the strategy has produced. It is undeniable that it works.


The strategy was pioneered by George Glider who advocated a theory that would change the way we think about networks. The theory is called Metcalfe’s law. Many people have applied these same principles to social media networks so that they can quickly grow in influence without being overwhelmed.

Metcalfe Law's effect in social media

With this strategy, you are able to exponentially grow your influence with each new person you add to your social sphere. What does that mean to you?

Basically that you can leverage social media to become the go to person for literally tens of thousands of people in your community. Sounds good, right?

Extreme Giving

Extreme givers realize that the long-term benefits of giving freely outweigh the short term costs. It is how companies like Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter and even Amazon have grown into giants.

When you bring people together for no other reason than to help someone out, you are building goodwill within your social sphere. To really capitalize on this you need to do the exact opposite of what most people do.

Instead of using the goodwill to ask for favors for yourself, you should use it to ask for favors on behalf of others in your social sphere. This allows you to grow your social capital exponentially. It also adds another important benefit.

This allows you to lead by example.  When you do, you are setting values for the community and empowering others. Empowerment is the real key here. When you take a leadership position and empower others, you don’t have to do everything yourself.

As a leader who empowers others you directly benefit from the power of the community you build. When everyone is looking to help everyone else out, the entire community is lifted up, and no one becomes overwhelmed. However, there is one thing that can destroy the community.

Watch out For Takers

People who want to join the community solely for their own benefit and who do not give back are called takers. It is important to be on guard against takers. These individuals take from the resources of the community and don’t put anything back in.

This adds strain and pressure to the network. This strain on the goodwill of the community can wear on those who are willing to give. Eventually causing them to quit. If left unchecked, takers can cause the entire network to collapse.

Build The Right Way

Building a community is not just about giving things away. It should be approached strategically. The value of the network you build is in the people who are a part of it.

Dr. Adam Grant wrote a book on givers and takers. His data showed that givers are on the top and bottom of many industries. The difference was in their approach to giving. Those who were selfless givers ended up exhausted and at the bottom because they were giving to those who did not give back. Those who were self-aware were able to add value through their giving and ended up on top.

Form Good Habits

Here are a few good habits to form that can help you build a powerful sphere of influence in your community.

  1. Make 3 introductions per day.
  2. Personally add 1 person of value to your network each day
  3. Do something every day to develop trust
  4. Give 5 minutes of your time to help someone out
  5. Organize monthly dinners with 5-10 people in your network

Small things like this done consistently over time can have a great impact. By facilitating conversations, introductions and by simply being a “cool” person, you can gain tremendous value quickly.

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