How To Know If Your Social Media Agency Is Taking You For A Ride

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Have you ever realized that all the offers you receive to improve your visibility on search engines includes large amounts of activity on social media sites?

When you look deeper into the offering you will be easily confused by all the figures, graphs and concepts which these ‘experts’ are rambling on about, but it is just as easy to believe that the ‘expert’ knows what he is talking about and spend your hard earned money on the empty promises.

Many people fall into this trap because they believe that they do not have the necessary expertise to handle their social media content and they feel incapable of managing the effects of their efforts.


There are many agencies which use this to their advantage and often skew information by driving the sale with their own tools. These are designed to look like elaborate calculations which focus on specific goals and provide the ‘fool proof’ or ‘quickest’ solution.

Have you ever asked one of these ‘expert’ agencies to describe the results to you in a manner that you can take to your CFO and that will convince the CFO that their service is really a benefit to your company?

Don’t get me wrong, there are reputable agencies out there, still there are also a lot of marketing people who are very efficient at bombarding their audience with a whole bucket of information knowing that they will be confused very quickly.

These are the agencies that promise you the world, take your money and leave you with little more than an emptier pocket.

I am bringing these agencies to your attention because they are destroying the credibility of my industry.

People turn to the expert agencies for a variety of reasons, but once you have had a bad experience with one agency you will be reluctant to use another agency, even if the second agency has the ability to deliver results.

What’s worse is, it’s human nature to talk about bad experiences more than good ones and that’s what can cripple the industry.

Beware of Effort Justification Tactics

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As a busy real estate professional who is focused on giving exceptional service to your clients, you may feel you don’t really have the time to focus on your internet presence or your social media content.

The ‘experts’ make it sound like it is going to take too much time and effort for you to do these simple tasks yourself, therefore you quickly outsource it to the agency.

An agency doesn’t really want you to know how easy it is because you may do it yourself and then they will not be making any money, but here is something to think about.

If you find yourself thinking “I could not do that by myself, I rather leave it to the experts” then you are probably dealing with an agency that is very efficient in making their clients feel helpless without them.

On the other hand, if you thinking “Wow, this is so easy I could do it myself” then ask yourself whether or not it just looks easy because the person presenting to you is well skilled in the specific area?

Increasing your social media content is not a difficult task, but managing it correctly and targeting the right people at the right time is a tricky business.

Agencies that do it right deliver leads and bottom line results.

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