How to Get More People To Your Website Without Buying Ads

Get More People To Your Website

What? Did I just say you can increase the number of people that actively visit your page for FREE? Yes I did!

We have all heard that “content is king” and we have all spent numerous hours trying to piece our content together so that it is absolutely perfect only to have absolutely NOTHING happen.

Yes it is true that your content has to be of good quality, but it is only half of the battle won, you need to PROMOTE your content. Having a beautiful page with all the relevant information you could possibly share is wonderful, but you need to let people know it’s there!


Here are 3 tools which will take your page from being completely ignored to being a topic of conversation in a few short weeks.

Are you thinking “But I don’t have a large social media audience” that’s fine, you don’t need one!

Maybe you thinking “But I don’t have a budget I can delve into right now” that’s also fine, these tools are completely free of charge.

Do you have a little bit of time? That is all you need!

The following three tools will help you to drive the audience to your page, and they are very easy to use.

Tool One –

The tag line states “Attach a call-to-action on every link you share”

That seems easy enough, all you really have to do is find a post on the website and use that post to direct traffic towards your own page! - Drive Audience To Your Page

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Login to

Step 2: Look for a relevant post.

Step 3: Check for similar posts to yours on Google
Note: Make sure that you look for posts that have already had lots of shares, comments and likes.

Step 4: Then head over to Buzzsumo to check how well your topic is trending on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks currently.

Step 5: On Buzzsumo you simply click on the “Top Content” tab and then filter by “article” then enter the relevant keyword.

Step 6: Make sure that the search results are set to display all matches for the last thirty days.
Note: The Buzzsumo search results will show you which social media platforms are producing the best conversations on your specific topic. Use this information to choose which social media platforms you should be focusing on.

Step 7: Copy and paste the URL into

Step 8: Snip it
Note: The following steps will change the way your snip will appear.

Step 9: Create the CTA (Call to Action) by selecting the ‘Button’ option so that people who look at the original post will be automatically directed to your website.

Step 10: Write a message that will grab the attention of the reader and notify them that your post gives additional value to them.

Step 11: Change the text on the button and enter the URL of your page.

Step 12: Copy the link

Step 13: Share the link you copied on your social media platforms

Step 14: Make sure that you mention the original source for the post with an appropriate hashtag.

Step 15: Let the original author know that you have shared their content

Additional Information has a system which allows you to see how many people have clicked on the link and how many of those people clicked through to your site. also has an extension for Google Chrome so that you can quickly and easily snip content while browsing the internet.

Tool Two – BuzzBundle

BuzzBundle is an easy tool which helps you to promote content and build links back to your site. It also monitors the conversions you get based on specific keywords across social networks, blogs, forums and Q&A sites.

With BuzzBundle you will be able to participate in conversations while they are happening, which gives you an advantage to your competitors.

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Download the BuzzBundle desktop application (It is Free)

Step 2: Open the app then click on ‘Create new project’

Step 3: Click ‘Create new stream’ then put in the links and keywords you are interested in

Step 4: Click ‘Ok’
Note: Next you will have four columns on the screen, namely video sharing, forums, blogs, question/answer sites and social networks.

It is possible for you to rearrange the display of these columns to suit yourself and delete any streams that you are not interested in. With the free version you will only be able to see a percentage of the conversations, the rest will be greyed out, but this is enough to help you get involved and see which conversations you need to partake in.

Step 5: Create a profile
Note: You will be able to create separate profiles for each of your social networking accounts, and you will need to link your social network account to your persona. You will also be able to link to your own networks.


Image source: BuzzBundle

BuzzBundle is a potent tool that solves the problem of switching between social media accounts, making it a lot easier to manage your social media strategy.

Now that you have finished creating your profile, it’s time to start buzzing.

Step 6: Click ‘Buzz’ then filter the sites you want to follow.

BuzzBundle goes and collects the relevant content from the social networks according to your specified keywords.

Now all you have to do is look through the different streams and identify the opportunities available where you can join the conversation, then share your post.

Note: You are able to have groups of keywords, and you can easily switch between each keyword group to find relevant conversations.

With BuzzBundle you can easily introduce a new audience to older posts, which will increase your activity on the social networks and the amount of backlinks you have which will boost your websites authority.

Filtered Content Functionality

It is important to target the right people before you try and promote your content. BuzzBundle has the filtered content functionality which makes it very easy to approach the correct audience before you start promoting your content.

How to use the function of filtering content

1. Find a post that is getting lots of attention on social networks which is similar to your post.

2. Enter the URL for the post into the search filter then take a look at the list of people who have engaged with the post.

Note: People who have already read a post about a topic that is similar to your post will be more interested in your post, compared to people who have not read any post on your specific topic.

BuzzBundle also lets you schedule your social media content from multiple personas so that you can monitor the amount of times your competitors are mentioned.

3. Tag the link you want to share with the free Google URL Builder

4. Share the link from the free builder on BuzzBundle

Note: You will still be able to use your schedule tools like Buffer as these tools don’t remove the parameters from the link.

You can also monitor the traffic your site has gained from URLs you have shared in BuzzBundle by navigating to the ‘Acquisition’ tab in Google Analytics.

Tool Three – Scoop.It

Scoop.It is one of the simplest and effective methods to promote posts and build backlinks. Scoop.It is a collection of articles that people have already shown an interest in, making it easier for you to connect your posts with people who are definitely interested in reading the content. - Increase Social Engagement

Image Source:

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Create an account on Scoop.It

Step 2: Insert a relevant keyword OR you can click the ‘Grid’ button to find a relevant category.

Step 3: Search for pages which have content that is similar to yours.
Note: You only want to target pages which have been viewed a lot, so make sure you check the page views count.

It will be beneficial for you to target posts which have a lot of twitter followers, simply because people who are active on Scoop.It are also on twitter, and this will increase your audience effortlessly.
With Scoop.It readers can share your post with various other social networks directly from Scoop.It

Step 4: Make sure you follow the people who have popular pages on Scoop.It AND lots of twitter followers.

Step 5: Introduce your content.

To do this you simply follow these steps:

(i) Find a relevant Scoop.It page and click on the ‘Suggest’ button.

(ii) Enter your link

(iii) Select the page on Scoop.It from the drop down

(iv) Click ‘Suggest’
Note: This does not automatically create a link on the Scoop.It page, but the owner of the Scoop.It page will be notified about your suggestion.

Should the original owner like your post they will post it and you will have the link which directs their traffic to you.

Many people who read Scoop.It pages also share the content on their own pages and social media accounts, which increases your social signals and link backs which increases your traffic.

How to target popular categories relating to your topic

Here is another way for you to find more people to read your post. These prospects might not come up with the keyword you used earlier in the search bar.

Step 1: Click on the drop down next to the search bar

Step 2: Browse the categories until you find a relevant topic.

Step 3: Click on the ‘Recommended Topics’ tab
Note: This is an effective way to suggest the post you have to any pages which are relevant to your topic.

Step 4: Check to see if the original author of the page has an active Twitter account

Step 5: Build a relationship with the curator, share their post and converse with them, the next post you publish will fall into this powerful distribution channel that you have been nurturing and it will work for you.

Note: You can also repeat these steps with the ‘Recommended Users’ tab.
Scoop.It is an easy to use tool which helps you to create traffic from a targeted audience and get links, which will automatically increase your social engagement.

All of these tools only need a little bit of time to setup and monitor, you do not need any budget or any connections to get people talking about your posts, pages and services.

Have you used any of these tools? Do you use any other free tools which are working well for you? We would love to hear about your experiences.


(Featured Image: Image used under Creative Commons from MarcelaPalma)

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