2 Tricks A Real Estate Website Can Use For More Search Traffic

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Want to know a couple of tricks that you can use to get an increase in search engine traffic?

Below you will find 2 tricks that quickly brought in more visitors from the search engines for 2 major online websites. These can work well with real estate websites also.

 Trick #1: Use 404 error pages to increase search rankings

 Tech crunch used this one and got a 9% jump in search engine traffic in just 30 days.

This is also really good for realtors because if you are using IDX you will get a lot of 404 errors. 404 error pages show up when you click on a link or are directed to a page that has either changed or no longer exists.


For most websites, a 404 error page may pop up when the site gets redesigned and URLs or pages are changed, but the old URL still shows up elsewhere on the Web and a viewer clicks on it.

For real estate websites subscribed to Internet Data Exchange (IDX), 404 error pages are also inevitable.

The IDX displays property listings that are available for sale. Once a property has been sold or is taken off the market, the page will also be removed. Now, you can get creative, funny, or entertaining when it comes to your 404 error page (check these out).

But you can also turn a 404 error page around and actually use it to your advantage. How?

Display links to other pages within your site

 You can customize your website’s 404 error page to say something hilarious or creative, and then offer other property listings that the viewer can look at instead.

This way, you are actually increasing the number of web pages that are getting indexed by the search engine, and also improving your incoming search traffic.

For instance, you can say something like, “Oops, it looks like that property listing is no longer on the market. Here are some other listings you can still consider:” You would want to have different links randomly being displayed on your 404 error page so more pages are indexed.

It’s a simple way of diverting your visitor’s attention from an error page to elsewhere on your real estate website, but also improving your search engine ranking.

You can take a look at our 404 error page to see how we have done this.

Trick #2: Start a property showdown

People love popularity contests and being part of the voting process. Think American Idol, The Voice, America’s Got Talent, and all the other reality competitions with the audience deciding who wins.

A couple of years ago, Zappos decided to try out this popularity showdown between different products available on their site. Site visitors would vote for which product they liked more.

There wasn’t really a winner, as random products were being pitted against each other. But the result was an increase of more than 10% in search traffic.

How did it happen?

Every time the page was loaded, more of the site’s internal pages were being loaded and helping the overall site’s search engine rankings as well.

You can also utilize this technique in your real estate website. If you have several property listings available at the moment, how about creating a property showdown page and having your site visitors vote for their favorite?

Not only will you be showcasing your listings but also directing search traffic to other internal pages, improving your index performance.

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