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We Have An Offer That’s So Good
It May Be Hard To Believe

Results! Is that what you want from your marketing? The problem is marketing can be expensive and the results are often disappointing. Listen, anyone can promise results, but few are willing to prove it. Why?

One reason is because it takes an investment of time and effort to deliver. Most companies are unwilling to assume that risk. That’s what makes us different.

This site is full of free guides, reports and posts that you can use right away to claim your market area and get more listings and buyer leads, but that’s not the offer we are talking about.

To help you understand what you’ll be getting we created a free presentation that will teach you how to:

  • Get you more leads
  • Increase referrals from past clients and everyone else you meet
  • Secure more repeat business and keep competitors from stealing your clients
  • Get a reliable source of business that will make your business consistent

And here is the unbelievable free offer we are making

We build and install a system designed to do this for you and we don’t charge you for the help. Sounds crazy, right.

 We’re not crazy. This is why we do it.

Crazy Scientist
We are all about results. We have additional services available that will help you to dominate your market area. I realize that’s easy to say, yet hard to believe. That’s why we are taking this first step to prove it to you.

We built an amazing system that will give you more leads, referrals and repeat business. We have spent a considerable amount of time and money in developing this system and we are going to give it to you for free.

That means we are going to give you the complete system professionally installed with all the content and everything you need to handle your ongoing marketing to past clients, prior contacts and new contacts for an entire year.

We have tested the system with other real estate agents and the results have been spectacular. The system has successfully rekindled cold relationships and brought in deals that would have been lost otherwise.

It also eliminates wasted effort by turning every person you meet into a opportunity for referrals or future business. Watch the free presentation to get all the details. I think you will be blown away by what you will be getting. The bottom line is…

I know what this system can do and I want you to experience the results it can give you. Did I mention you are getting this to you for free?

OK so here’s the catch…

I am confident that once you see what we can do, you will want to work with us more. However, we leave that totally up to you. We don’t believe in high pressure sales. Once you see what this system does for you, buying our other services will be a no-brainer.

We are hoping you will help us spread the word

We want to meet more great agents like you. Once you see the amazing results you get, we think that you would want to help out other agents by referring them to us. By delivering tremendous value to the agents we build this for, we are looking to grow quickly through word of mouth.

The reason we can do this is because…

We know how to cover our costs. We want to be 100% transparent and upfront by telling you how we can afford to do this. Yes, we do incur costs. Much of the work involved in setting up this system has to be done by our team. We have to pay for installation and support. We didn’t want this cost to come out of your pocket or ours, so here’s what we did.

The system runs on a couple low cost third party platforms, so we went out to the providers we use for these services to see if we can make a deal. These are world-class providers with best in class products and top-notch customer support. That’s important because we have so much vested interest in your success and we don’t want anything to go wrong. The deal we made protects you and covers us at the same time, so this is what we asked for.

We would refer new customers to them with the following conditions: The clients we refer would get the same top notch technology and support that they provide to all their customers. The price could not be inflated one penny. Finally we needed to get a referral fee to cover our costs. Guess what happened?

They were happy to give us everything we asked for. Turns out, paying us, costs less than they pay in marketing to get a new customer. One of these partners even gave us special discount codes, so you will pay less here than you would going to them direct. Plus it gets even better.

You have nothing to lose because you will get a 30 day free trail with one service and a 45 day money back guarantee with the other. We feel it’s a fair deal where everyone wins.

One last thing that you must know

We have never done anything like this before where we just give away something this valuable. That’s why we can only do this for very limited number real estate agents. This is being offered on a first come first serve basis to test our marketing strategy.

Once we reach capacity we will have to stop and review our numbers to see if this is something we can keep offering or not. There is a good chance that we might end up selling the system for $500 or more. That’s why it is important that you act now. Get it while it’s being offered for free.

Now it’s up to you. Don’t miss out on the tremendous results we can deliver.

Here’s what to do next: Take the next small step and click the button below to watch our free presentation. In it you’ll see exactly how everything works and what this system can do for you.