What Real Estate Marketing Tools Get The Best Results?

I came across an interesting survey from ecampaign pro. Thousands of Real Estate Agents were surveyed to see what marketing tools they used and which ones were getting the best and worst results. You may be interested in seeing what they are doing and what tools came out as the best and worst tools.

Marketing tools used by Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Marketing Tools

No real surprise that most are using email, since it is fast, cheap and easy. I was surprised to see that social media surpassed featured listings and even Networking/Events.


Now let’s take a look at what was found to be the most effective marketing tools.

Most effective real estate marketing tools

Graph of Most effective Real Estate Marketing Tools

Of course personal interaction is always the most effective, so there is no real surprise that Networking/Events came out in first place. Email as a close second has the advantage of being able to reach out to a large audience quickly and without cost.

Least effective marketing tools.

Graph of Least Effective Real Estate marketing tools

Looks like traditional advertising is not what it once was. The only online method here is PPC advertising, which is not surprising. To make PPC work requires more than driving traffic to a common website. It takes a special skill set. I was a little surprised to see postcard and mailers listed as one of the least effective methods. Maybe that is because the agents are looking for an immediate ROI.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with the results? Post your comment below.



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