Want A Competitive Advantage In Listing Presentations?

Listing Presentations

Let me ask you a question. If you walk into a listing presentation and say you are in regular communication with over 100 potential buyers who may be interested in buying the home, do you think that may give you an advantage over competing real estate agents?

In my last post I spoke about building a digital farm and how a good follow-up system could become a reliable source of business for years to come. Now we will discuss how to properly maintain a list to get a competitive advantage in listing presentations.

One concern when you are building a large list of buyers are the time wasters and tire kickers.


This can be overcome by segmenting your list. When you segment your list you are creating separate buckets or pools of people. These segments can be categorized any way you like. The important thing is to get to know who your best prospects are and separate them from the looky-loos.

It will also allow you to communicate with people according to their needs which will make your list more responsive. A list of potential buyers who are responsive and engaged will not only help you sell homes faster and for more money, but will give you an advantage when competing for listings.

Here are the basic steps for doing this.

Step 1: Make sure you have a good email auto-responder system. The best email systems have extensive list management functions that are simple to use. Here are some of the important elements you will want to look for:

  • Automatically captures country, region and city for all new contacts based on their IP address.
  • Ability to create surveys and segment lists based on their response.
  • The ability to create segments based on goals and conditions.
  • Segments must be dynamic. This means that, as you add contacts to your e mail marketing list, the segmentation algorithm tests those new contacts and adds them to the appropriate segments.

Step 2: If you already have a list, find out who is on the list. You can do this by first creating a segment for people who live in your local area and separating them from those who don’t. This information should already be captured from the IP address associated with the opt-in. You can further segment your list by sending out a survey. Create segments for local renters, homeowners, investors, people wanting a vacation home, etc.

Step 3: Engage them. Once you know who they are, start sending them information that is relevant to what they are looking for. The great thing about auto-responders is you can schedule out a drip campaign for as long as you would like. Doing this properly will make your list more responsive. This will help with the next step.

Step 4: Qualify them. Send listings to potential buyers who are in segments that make up your best prospects. Everyone else can get an email telling them about the listing, but saying you are looking for a pre-qualified buyer who is ready to move quickly. Give them the phone number of a good mortgage broker you work with, so they can get pre-qualified if they are interested.

Having a responsive list of potential buyers is a good asset to have. It can also help you win listings if sellers know that you have an active list of potential buyers.

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