Are Real Estate Agents Seen As Sales People Or Professionals?

Real Estate Agents

When I say the word “salesman”, what comes to mind?

Now think about the word “professional”. What comes to mind?

For most people those are 2 very different pictures. Typically, people try to avoid salespeople, yet they seek out professionals. Many times it is just a matter of perception.

Those who are perceived as sales people will always be chasing after deals. Those perceived as professionals will be sought after, so the question is…

Are Real Estate Agents seen as sales people or professionals?

I would say it depends on the agent. The real question is, how can we make sure we are looked at as a professional rather than the salesperson?

It’s not too hard when we get a chance to demonstrate our expertise and ability. The challenge comes when approaching strangers, especially in marketing.

A Real Estate Agent who asks for too much, too quickly, comes off like a pushy salesperson. What if an agent approached strangers by saying, “Hi I am a Real Estate Agent. Let me list your house.”  How do you think that approach would turn out?

Most real estate agents would never use that approach in person, yet many of them do it in their marketing.

I see flyers or post cards every day that in effect say, “Hi I am a Real Estate Agent. Let me list your house.”  I am not saying these don’t work, yet response rates can be increased with a better approach.

The trick is to match the message to the persons thought sequence. We do this naturally in conversation. It’s how we build relationships and establish trust. A step by step approach is needed and when applied to marketing the results can be amazing.

In my next post I’ll explain 5 Steps that can take a homeowner from being a stranger to becoming a client for life.

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