5 Steps To Transform A Homeowner From A Stranger To A Client For Life

Client For Life

Many people think of real estate marketing as advertising and client acquisition as a 3 step process (advertise, get leads, get deals). That can work, but there is a better way that can save you time, money and frustration.

There is a lot to marketing, and in this post we will focus on the part that is needed to get more clients. The key is to think of this as a process rather than a function (like running an ad). There is a trick to marketing.

When done correctly marketing will make you stand out in the market place and draw people to you because of the value they believe you will bring them.

Marketing should be developed into a process that educates your potential clients on the value you bring to the market place. To do this effectively you need to get into your prospects head and look at things from their perspective.


If you push for too much too quick, you may be seen as a salesperson and a commodity rather than a respected professional. That’s because no matter how good your marketing materials look, you have not demonstrated your ability and proven yourself in the mind of your prospect.

Here is a quick overview of the 5 marketing steps you should take a prospective client through to demonstrate value, earn trust and establish your professionalism.

1. Awareness: At this stage a homeowner does not know anything about you. They are a complete stranger. This is where you use online and offline advertising, SEO and other tactics to get in front of them and make an offer.

2. Consideration: At this point it is too soon in the relationship to ask for the sale. That’s like walking up to someone you have never met and asking them to marry you. Instead you just want to make a small non-threatening offer with little perceived risk. This will give you a chance to build trust and establish credibility with them. Asking them for their email in exchange for something of value is a perfect step to take here.

3. Preparation: At this point a prospect is somewhat familiar with you and has given you permission to contact them via email. Now you are able to nurture the relationship to establish trust. Use email messaging with links back to relevant blog posts. Be sure to insert some of your personality here because people need to like you as well as know and trust you before they will do business with you.

4. Action: Now that your prospect knows, likes and trusts you, it is time to take the relationship to the next level. Make an offer to get them into your sales cycle. This can be a free mini appraisal or something similar that will allow you to meet with them, assess their needs and ultimately get the deal.

5. Reinforcement: This step is crucial to your long term success. At this point the client has begun working with you, but the relationship is still new. You have to be sure you deliver on everything you promised. Give them a fantastic experience then implement a follow up system that allows you to continue to deliver value. This last step is how you gain a client for life and get referrals.

Ok so that’s the 5 step outline to taking a homeowner from a stranger to a client for life. I hope you found that helpful. In my next post I will dig a little deeper into step 5 and explain a simple way to get 20 solid referrals per year.

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