New Feature Inside Facebook Makes Getting Listings Easier Than Ever Before!

How To Get Listings On Demand With Facebook

Facebook Ads Work

 Reach homeowners when they are likely to move

Love it or hate it, Facebook’s new targeting options are a powerful way to get listings. Here’s why…

Their behavioral targeting model lets you target homeowners in your area who have indicated that they are likely to move!

The model is built from offline self-reported data and online survey panels. And that’s not all...

With Facebooks demographic data you can target homeowners by zip code. You can even narrow the targeting by home values. Think about that!

If you want to target homeowners in your area, who are likely to move, with estimated home values at over $500,000, you can do it.

Facebook makes it easy for real estate agents to find the perfect target audience for listings, and it gets even better…

Through Facebook’s ad interface you can get this perfect target audience to your website for less than you would pay with traditional methods like postcards and direct mail.

Don’t get me wrong. Traditional methods continue to work. However getting the right person's attention at just the right time is often a difficult proposition with direct mail.

It can often take months before a real estate agent starts getting any deals.  With Facebook’s new ad targeting options, you can potentially see instant results.

I say potentially because getting your ad in front of the right audience at the right time is only half the battle. You will still need a good ad that grabs their attention and a good website to capture the lead.

We developed a cheat sheet that will quickly walk you through all the steps for getting listing leads with Facebook ads. Feel free to download it below.

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Cheat Sheet For Getting Listing With Facebook Ads

Cheat Sheet For Getting Listing With Facebook Ads

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