The 7 Step Implementation Plan


The goal with Digital Farming™ is to surround your audience within their digital space and deepen your relationship with them.

Below is a 7 step overview of how this is accomplished.

Step 1: Develop your content, ads, landing pages and emails.

Make sure they are engaging and offer value to the homeowner. For direction on how to approach this read about the 5 steps to transform a homeowner from a stranger to a client for life.

Step 2: Install analytics and remarketing code on your website and all your landing pages.

Note: A lot of the people who come to your landing pages will be on mobile devices, so be sure you check to see that your landing pages look good on mobile, tablets and computers. Also check them in the major browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari.

Step 3: Set up an email auto-responder and schedule out emails for at least 3 months, preferably a year.

The best strategy here is to start with a welcome series where you introduce yourself. Give them at least 3 strong content pieces that establish you as the expert in your market area, after that send them to specific posts on your blog where they can keep getting helpful information.

The goal is to deepen engagement over time by incorporating specific offers that will give you leads.

Step 4: Use a real time bidding platform (I like sitescout) to reach your target market with display ads.

Be sure to use remarketing so you can deepen engagement with those who showed interest by clicking on your ad, but did not convert into a lead.

Step 5: Set up native ads (Facebook, Yahoo, Outbrain).

Native ads are great because they incorporate your ads into the content of other websites. This will increase engagement and click-through rates (CTR) significantly. Again make sure you incorporate remarketing for this as well.

Step 6: Set up video ads.

I recommend True View in-stream ads. TrueView in-stream ads let viewers choose to watch your ad, or skip it after it plays for at least 5 seconds. During the first 5 seconds you can establish your brand and the benefits you bring homeowners within the community. You pay only when a viewer watches your full ad (or at least 30 seconds of it), allowing you to maximize your budget by delivering the right message to the right person at the right time.

Step 7: Test your ads, track performance and tweak your ads and offers as needed.

Remember you are going for visibility here more than anything else. So don’t expect to get a ton of leads in right away. As your target market sees you continually, over time they will start to recognize you and the leads will come in.

Frequency and consistency is the key to success.

Now that you have the basics needed to build your plan, there is one thing I need to warn you about.

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