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fast-trackGary Keller modelled Millionaire Real Estate Agents and this is what he found.

A Real Estate Agent can get an average of 1 transaction per year from every 50 strangers they send one direct mail piece to each month.

Amazing... so let's do the math.

Let’s say you want to close 100 transactions per year.

That means you will need to send a direct mail piece to 5,000 homeowners each month.

What would that cost?

Direct mail will cost you 50 cents to 1 dollar per person, so a monthly budget of $2,500-$5,000 would be needed. Not bad if that brings you 100 transactions... Right?

How does Digital Farming™ compare?

Take a look… with Digital Farming™ you can get 5,000 impressions for about $10, so you can reach an audience of 5,000 homeowners 6 times per day for a monthly ad budget of $1,800.

Now let me ask you something...

Which do you think will have a greater impact on a homeowner... getting in front of them 12 times per year or getting in front of them 6 times a day?

With Digital Farming™ you reach your target market 180 times per month at a cost that is 28%- 64% less than you would pay with direct mail… and it gets even better.

Digital Farming™ allows you to deepen your relationship with your target audience overtime.

Every action is tracked, so you can see how your audience is responding. This allows you to direct individuals down a path based on their response.

All of this can be automated...

When implemented correctly, it will deepen your level of engagement with them. As the people in your audience become more and more familiar with you, they will begin to feel as if they know you.

Here's why that's important.

Gary Keller also found that you can get 1 sale (direct or referral) per year from every 6 people who know you or at least met you. That’s over a 800% improvement!

And it all really boils down to one thing…

Relationships! If you build a relationship with the people in your audience, you will get 8 times as many transactions per year from them.

With Digital Farming™ you can reach a large targeted audience and quickly build a relationship with them. People will feel like they know you when they are clicking your ads, reading your posts, reading your emails and watching your videos.

Here's an overview of the 7 steps needed to make that happen.

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