A New Twist On A Proven Method

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There is nothing new about becoming the dominant Agent within a community by working what many refer to as a “farm”.

You may be familiar with the traditional way Real Estate Agents farm.

This old school method involves selecting a promising neighborhood and building a dominate presence there with the goal of capturing new opportunities as they come along.

This usually involves things most agents hate to do, like door knocking, cold calling, and mailing hundreds or even thousands of postcards often for months before getting a deal.

Now here is the big question…

If most agents hate it, why do so many do it and why do most seasoned agents recommend it?

The answer is simple… Because it works!

Why does this work so well?

Because the homeowners within a community become familiar with you through repeated exposure. The effect builds momentum and snowballs as you begin to successfully sell more and more homes in the area.

This gives you a powerful local presence and helps to block out potential competitors.

The major drawbacks to this traditional method are…

  • Takes time to develop relationships
  • Difficult and often expensive to keep top of mind awareness
  • Door knocking and cold calling is labor intensive

These drawbacks may be why many attempt to build a farm area but end up giving up before the can reap the rewards.

Well... Now things have changed!

New Advances In Digital Media Solve These Problems

This advance is called Digital Farming™. This new approach can be used as a standalone method or even more powerfully as a compliment to traditional methods.

It's farming for the digital age!

The effective use of digital media gives you these key benefits:

  • You can build relationships faster
  • Constantly stay in front of your market without a lot of money
  • Increase your ROI on all your marketing efforts
  • Automate your marketing, so that it runs with very little hands on management

Sound good so far? Then let me show you how to implement a Digital Farming™ campaign.

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