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Would you like to contribute to our blog? 

Please read through these editorial guidelines before sending your contribution for review.  Please note that we are unable to accept or publish any posts which do not align with our criteria.

Guidelines for our Blog

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Real Estate Rev.  Here are the details of the types of posts we are looking for and specific details on our editorial process.

The aim of our blogs is to advance the practice of sales and marketing for Real Estate professionals.  Although our blog has been how-to posts, we have recently broadened our scope and will consider posts which are useful and aim to move the industry forward.

Our target audience

Although our posts are informative for all real estate professionals, we aim to attract successful Real Estate Agents and their support team members.

Criteria for submissions

Unfortunately we are not able to publish every post that is sent to us, as we have a limited number of available slots, therefore we will only consider publishing the posts which meet the following criteria:

  • New methods which help real estate professionals to increase revenue. Please note that we are unable to accept posts which simply re-hash ideas that have already been written about.
  • Useful information. Although the post does not have to be a step-by-step type of post, each post does need to have a specific thought which people can take away to think about and work on.
  • Interesting and logical to read.
  • Specific to Real Estate Professionals

Here are some details on the specific types of posts we are looking for:

How – to posts: Detailed posts that clearly outline how to do something which will improve revenue.  Including templates, checklists, and step-by-step details work well.

“Thought leadership” posts: The real estate industry is constantly changing, realtors are continuously evaluating trends and trying to figure out what is going to happen next.  What conversations do you think we need to be having to move the industry forward?  Is there something that is not working which you would like to talk about?  What are the current trends that you are experiencing?

Tools for marketing / technology posts: Posts on marketing tools which match the following criteria will be considered:

  • Free tools (e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook)
  • The post is not written by someone who is directly associated with the technology vendor or compensated by the technology vendor
  • The post does not discuss competitive benefits

Consider the following points to increase the likelihood that your post will be published:

  • Include real-life examples and/or case studies to demonstrate the concepts that are being described.
  • Include videos, photos, charts, screenshots and other content that visually gives the reader more insight into your topic. You are welcome to embed content from platforms like YouTube and other sources.
  • Detailed instructions and/or specific recommendations on how marketers can incorporate your advice into their current marketing procedures.

Please note that we are not able to accept any posts which fall into the following categories:

  • No focus / Bad formatting – Posts which do not clearly indicate what message they are delivering to the reader or that have not been formatted to captivate the attention of the reader will not be accepted. Please use subheadings, bullet points and bold font to highlight all the important concepts and actions.
  • Posts which do not have original insight or practical discussion points are considered blatant link – bait and will not be considered.
  • Posts which discuss why an issue is important without how to leverage the situation as a real estate agent.
  • Posts which have been published already on other websites.
  • White papers and other promotional materials which are designed to highlight the benefits of a specific product or service over other products or services.
  • Posts which focus on the buying or selling of real estate.
  • Posts which give a general overview of complex topics such as SEO, content creation, or making your content more ‘social’.

The Editorial Procedure

Once we have received a new post it is reviewed to see whether it meets our criteria for acceptance.  It may take a few days before we are able to respond to your submission depending on the number of  new post submissions we receive at any given time.  We appreciate your patience during our review procedure.

Should your post meet with our criteria and we intend to publish your post, you will be contacted within 7 business days of receiving your post to confirm that we intend to review your post for publication.

Please note: If we choose not to publish your post, we may be unable to provide detailed feedback.

All posts which are being reviewed for publication will take an average of 10 business days to complete the review process, although this timeline may differ depending on the amount of posts which are being reviewed at the same time.

Once a post has been reviewed and we have chosen to enter the post into the publication process it will take approximately two weeks for the post to be published.  Although we are not always able to honour publication date requests, we do endeavour to accommodate the needs of our contributors.

Social media distribution and promotion

Real Estate Rev promotes all published posts through Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media platforms, we also encourage all authors to promote their posts through their own networks as well.

Republishing and repurposing your Real Estate Rev posts

Although we only consider original materials for publication, we do allow our published authors to repurpose their posts elsewhere so long as the following conditions are met:

  • You wait two weeks from the time your post is published on Real Estate Rev before publishing it on another site.
  • All other places where you publish the post must cite Real Estate Rev as the original source and provide a link back to the original post on the Real Estate Rev site.

What you need to send with your post

Please ensure that you include the items listed below with your post for review.  Please note that any submissions which do not include the following items will automatically be discarded.

  • Bio – Your bio should be approximately 60 words long and should include your Twitter handle as well as any other links you wish to display such as your blog URL, Facebook page or website URL.
  • Headshot – You will need to create an account on Gravatar and upload your headshot image, then send us the email address which you used to create your account on Gravatar so that we can link your headshot with your author profile which will be used on all your posts.
  • Cover Image – Each post you submit for publication must have a cover image, this must relate directly to the post and be a high resolution image. The image itself can be a photo, a chart, a screen shot or a piece of art that represents the topic of the post in a visual way.  If the image requires creator credit, please provide the necessary information so that we are able to attribute correctly.