How Rachel Johnson Landed A $345,000 Deal In Just 16 Days Using An Old Outdated List Of Forgotten Contacts

Case Study

Rachel Johnson is a full time Realtor serving the Las Vegas area for over 11 years.

She just made a move to a smaller independent broker. This gave her more flexibility and a larger commission split, yet very little marketing support.

She needed to get some deals in her pipeline quick and that's when she came to us...

We were able to get her a $345,000 deal in just 16 days and fill her pipeline quickly. The trick was to combine a website with email to quickly grab some low hanging fruit.

To accomplish this, a simple 3 step process was used.

  • 1.Design
  • 2.Blog
  • 3.Email

We built and installed a website that is designed to convert visitors into leads.

The site is built with principles discovered through over $20 million dollars in real world testing.

These are the same design principles used by the world's top lead generation companies to capture leads.

Simplicity is the key. We never want to confuse people.

The site is responsive so looks great on all devices and the phone number is click to call. (30% of visitors to real estate sites are on mobile devices).

Real Estate Website designed for conversion

We incorporated a blog with friendly helpful content.

This was not your typical run of the mill blog. This blog was specifically designed to establish trust and use psychological triggers to increase the number of referrals received.

Real Esate blog design

We used email to reach out to her old outdated list of 1,090 contacts.

These were people she had met over the years. Some were past clients, but most were dead leads.

Almost all were icy cold contacts that she had not talked to in years!

I have to warn you about something before I go into detail here.

This is where most people blow it...

If you want to use email and do this wrong, you will get a ton of complaints, people will hit the spam button in their email and your results will be poor.

You may even get banned by your email service provider.

That's why the right approach is crucial to your success!

We didn't send a typical commercial email, a newsletter or anything like that. We didn't use fancy graphics or approach people like a business or a brand.

Instead we did the opposite.

We wrote a series of simple looking text based emails that would build goodwill and connect with the recipients on a personal level.

The emails were designed to get opened, read and to get people to click on a link that takes them to the blog.

We loaded these into an email auto-responder and uploaded her list of contacts.

Out of the list of 1090 contacts 211 emails were no longer valid (bounce rate).

Old lists will always have a high bounce rate so we were actually working with a list of only 879 contacts, yet take a look at what happened.

Realtor email stats

Here's why those results are amazing!

  • Stats show 85.4% open rate because many people opened the email, came back to it later and opened it again.
  • Unique opens came out to a whopping 42.8% open rate. That is on a cold list!
  • There were very few spam complaints and even less unsubscribed.
  • 33.6% of those who opened the email clicked through to read the blog post.

This resulted in several promising phone calls and leads.

In just 16 days one of those leads turned into a $345,000 purchase with a full 3% commission!

That's a $10,350 commission Rachel would have definitely missed out on otherwise.

Plus she got another deal from the very next email we sent out for her.