Dear Real Estate Broker,

Would you like to get a plan to help your agents double the number of deals they get every month for free?

That may sound far fetched, but it is not. The NAR reported that 90% of people who completed a transaction with a Realtor said they would use them again and refer others. Only 10% actually did.

That is a huge loss of opportunity and it doesn’t stop there.

Think of all the activities agents engage in to find a deal. Out of all the people they talk to every day, what percentage ready to buy or sell? One Realtor said she needs to talk with about 100 people to find 2-3 actual prospects. Do you think your agents follow up to build relationships with everyone they meet or just the 2-3 actual prospects?

The Nar also reports that only 18% regularly follow up with past clients, so what is the likelihood they are following up with everyone?

The real problem is they just don’t have the time to build relationships with everyone they meet. Many find themselves constantly chasing after new deals while past contacts and clients fall through the cracks. Here’s why that is a huge mistake…

If an agent could get just 1 transaction or referral from someone in 5 years, they would average 20 transactions per year from every 100 people they develop a relationship with. Hopefully you can see the opportunity here.

There are ways to address the problem of time that can catapult the production of your agents. We realize that for it to work, the solutions have to be simple and effective. Something agents can handle in less than 10 minutes per day. It also needs to be able to produce quick results.

That’s why we would like to offer you a free consultation where we can discuss methods that will work with your agents. To take advantage of this offer just give us a call at (877) 806-4764 or fill in the form above to get started now.

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