Rachel Johnson Talks Results

Listen to an Interview with Rachel Johnson, a Realtor in Las Vegas, as she talks about the results we were able to get her.

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The Worst Mistake A Real Estate Agent Can Make

realtor mistake

It’s More Common Than You May Think Many agents are sitting on a gold mine and just don’t realize it. The NAR conducted a study that shows 82% of agents do not follow up with past clients regularly. That’s the worst mistake and another massive one is this… Even more agents are failing to build…

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5 Steps To Transform A Homeowner From A Stranger To A Client For Life

Client For Life

Many people think of real estate marketing as advertising and client acquisition as a 3 step process (advertise, get leads, get deals). That can work, but there is a better way that can save you time, money and frustration. There is a lot to marketing, and in this post we will focus on the part…

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How To Get New Listings Every Year From Your “Dead Leads”

New Listings

There is an excellent post here on Active Rain by Kat Palmiotti about here first year as a Real Estate Agent. You may have read it already, and it is something you can probably relate to. In her post she says, “finding leads takes a lot of work. We have to talk to ~100 people…

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Agents Promoting Agents To Supercharge Online Exposure

Agents Promoting Agents

What makes Active Rain so powerful in search? The community! AR is a powerful platform, but there’s still one problem. To dominate online, in our marketplace, we need maximum exposure from everything we do online. In this post we will look at how we can work together to accomplish this, but first we need to…

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