How To Get More From Your Marketing Efforts

When you send out a postcard, an email, a newsletter, add a link to your social media page or engage in any type of marketing, it is important that you get the highest response possible from your effort.

Tests show that creating focused campaigns that lead to focused landing pages can increase response rate by up to 331%. That’s over 3 times the number of leads from the same effort!

For example, a post card mailing designed to find people who might be thinking of selling can offer free accurate valuations and link to a page that is designed to capture the lead.

Take a look at the following 2 websites. Which do you think will do a better job at capturing seller leads?

Which Site Will Perform Better With Homeowners Who Are Thinking of Selling?

This page talks directly to a seller’s desire to know what they can get for their home and makes it easy to get started.

Lead Capture Page

The site below is general in nature and offers search feature for buyers.

Typical real estate website

One Word Of Caution

Now that more people are using smart phones and tablets you want to be sure that your website and lead capture sites are optimized properly for all types of devices.

Older non-responsive websites which are designed for monitors can be hard to view and navigate on smart phones and tablets.

This can frustrate your prospects and cause them to leave which will hurt your conversion rate.

With that said...

Here's the easiest way to get a lead capture system that meets all the requirements and will get you more seller leads.

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