How To Convert Visitors Into Leads

Remember the rabbit?

Now take a look at this next picture.

how to get the leadWhere do you think this rabbit will go?

It’s obvious... This rabbit is going for the carrot... the only one he sees.

This illustrates the power of having one strong, clear offer which allows you to define a path for your visitors.

They will either take you up on the offer by calling or filling out a form, or they won’t.

You get more people to take action by improving the offer and the way it is presented.

Presenting the right offer, to the right person, at the right time is the key to conversion. However, there is a little more to it.

Like the rabbit, people are cautious and can be frightened easily... That's why the offer must be presented correctly.

Ask for too much too soon and they will run!

For example if someone is thinking of selling their home, they may not be ready to hire a Realtor yet, but they are probably wondering what they can get for their home.

Offering an accurate home valuation can be the perfect first step in the process.

To capture a lead you need to take people down a specific path and answer 3 very important questions within the first 10 seconds of their arrival.

1. Where am I?
2. What can I do here?
3. Why should I do it?

Take A look At 3 Prime Examples

Trulia is using this simple landing page to capture seller leads. Notice how simple the page is. There is no confusion at all about what you should do.

Trulia seller lead capture page

Lending Tree follows the same formula to capture refinance leads.

Lending Tree lead capture system

State Farm also knows the drill...

State Farm lead capture system

And with CPC (Cost Per Click) rates like these you know they are testing to get the very best conversion rates possible!

CPC Costs for lead gen

These landing pages keep it simple and stay focused on getting leads.

1. Call to action is clear

2. Initial page of the form short and easy for the visitor to complete. (This gets a visitor involved without overwhelming them.)

3. The font is large and easy to read.

I'm sure you get the point, so now let's talk about how you can use this with your marketing to get more leads.

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