How I First Discovered The Problem

After the market crashed in 2008, my real estate firm closed shop and I went to work for one of the nation’s largest lead aggregators as a marketing analyst.

We brought in about half a million leads per month and I was always looking for ways to bring in even more.

What I discovered was surprising...

Most websites are inefficient at generating leads.

Here’s why…

Most Websites try to do too much. This confuses visitors and makes it hard to capture leads.

why leads are lostTo illustrate this take a look at the picture with the rabbit.

To catch this rabbit, you need to know which way he will go, but with so many choices how can you tell?

The same is true of leads, to capture a lead you need to know what path a visitor will follow. If you offer too many choices, you are more likely to lose the opportunity.

Now take a look at most websites.

To capture a lead, you need to have a path for a visitor follow. Many websites look very beautiful and may offer many features, but they often lack direction.

Looking at the example below, you can see what I mean.

Poor design kills lead conversion

Can you find the 3 biggest mistake this site makes?

Yes, the site can confuse a visitor and you don’t know which direction they will to go.

That's the first mistake, but there are even bigger mistakes here.

Do you see them?

To answer that question, think again about what you want to achieve from a website.

Are you just trying to provide people with information, or do you want leads?

Most agents need leads.

More leads equals more opportunities and that’s why it’s important to get a prospect to call or submit their contact information.

If visitor leaves your site without doing that, there is a good chance you will never see them again.

All the money and effort that went into getting that person there becomes wasted.

This site, while beautiful, does not have a phone number or a lead capture mechanism that's the second mistake

The third big mistake is one almost everyone makes.

It actually directs people away from the site before an action is taken by linking out to social media platforms.

Distraction is the arch enemy of conversion.

If a person becomes distracted, you can easily lose them forever as they click away from your offer.

Well, now that you have seen what's wrong with many sites....

Let's look at examples from companies that are doing it right!

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