How To Get More Leads Without Much Added Cost or Effort

It's easier than you may think...

If you know the secret I'm going to share with you now!

Increase ROI on Lead Gen

Gary Keller said, "No leads means no sales"

Seems pretty obvious, right?

That's why successful Real Estate Agents invest in marketing to generate leads.

The trick is to get more from what you are already doing.

To pull this off... you must understand that 2 things are needed to get a lead.

1. Traffic (people who see your offer)

2. Conversion (people who take action and become a lead)

Improving conversion is the quickest and most cost effective way to get more leads and increase sales

Most people fall into the trap of going after more traffic before they have optimized for conversion. They look into SEO, social media, PPC and the list goes on, but digital marketing should start by optimizing for conversion.

Here's why...

Let's say you run an ad campaign at $2 per click and get 100 people to your website. Out of those people you get 5 leads.

If you need more leads, you can go out and by more clicks or you can get more people to convert into leads.

Which sounds better?

In this example you spent $200 to get 100 clicks. 5% are converting into a lead, so you are paying $40 per lead. If you are able double your conversion rate to just 10%, you would get 10 leads from the same 100 clicks at the same cost.

Congratulations you just cut your lead cost in half!

Now you're getting twice as many leads without increasing your ad spend.

But that’s not good enough…

We are out to TRIPLE your conversion rate, so let's see how this is done.

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